Visible Image - Stamps - Revolution

Visible Image

$11.00 $21.99

This incredible stamp set includes a striking musketeer collage stamp, inky horse, fantastic grungy background elements and sentiments.
Contains 10 clear photopolymer stamps.
Musketeer collage 13.25cm x 12.5cm
Horse 8cm x 3.25cm
3 musketeers silhouette 4cm x 4cm
Renaissance element 5cm x 4.74cm
Grunge swirl 4cm x 3cm
Large fleur de lys 4cm x 3.5cm
Small fleur de lys 2.5cm x 2cm
Liberté 3.5cm x 1.5cm
Fraternité 5.5cm x 1.5cm
Egalité 3.5cm x 1.5cm

Deeply etched clear photopolymer stamps, designed by Visible Image and made in the UK.